In our capacity as a retained search firm, we are essentially paid up front to manage a process: the process of sorting through the universe of available candidates in order to identify the best candidates to fit our client’s open positions.


What are the benefits of using a retained search model? Here are some of the leading reasons why companies choose the retained search model for their executive search needs.


Dedicated resources. Once an employer makes the decision to

move forward with a retained search we assign and dedicate a specific recruitment manager based on their experience level with your industry to lead and oversee the search from start to completion. This individual then serves as your primary point of contact for the duration of the search.


Depth of screening. The candidate screening process is inherently more comprehensive with a retained search than with a contingent search. In-depth background checks, reference checks, academic checks, employment verifications, references, and verifiable W-2′s are included with every retained search.


Clarity of vendor. Employing a retained search firm allows your management team, including C-level executives and company board members the ability to say “I retained a firm to fill this position.” This way one vendor is held accountable for the entire project and everyone knows exactly who is responsible for the search.


Competitive intelligence. Once we have a commitment from our client to move forward with a retained search, we are better able to package and present to a candidate (both during and after the search) industry information that is just not feasible with a contingency search. This includes, but is not limited to, salary surveys, industry blogs, and new product innovation. Having this commitment also allows us to provide our clients with feedback from candidates as to the company’s reputation, how they are perceived in the market, as well as general feelings and opinions as to the state of the industry.


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